Dual Glazed Windows

What are dual glazed Windows?

Pacific Glass and Window of Tucson recommends Double Glazed Windows.

Double glazing means two panes of window glass sandwiched together to create a middle buffer. “Glazing” is a specialized window term. People who repair window glass are called “glaziers.”
This buffer can either be “dead air” or it can be a special gas such as argon. The idea behind double glazing is that the double panes of glass, plus the intermediate buffer zone, provide a better barrier against outside temperatures than single paned windows.

dual glazed window section

Dual glazed windows can be found with both new construction and with replacement windows. Initially created just for extreme climates like here in Tucson, now window manufacturers are producing double glazed windows for nearly any location. Argon is a better buffer zone than air because it better inhibits passage of heat or cold into the house.

We also recommend: Vinyl Replacement Windows

There are lots of advantages of selecting vinyl replacement windows from Pacific Glass & Window.

This is among the most resilient product and solutions are available today. Vinyl provides a window that’s longer lasting and definitely will provide additional value to your house. They offer increased insulation against the elements as well as offering increased security and advanced locking systems. There are numerous kinds of windows we offer from which to select and vinyl ought to be a material that is at the very least considered by everybody.